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What is The ED Insider and what is its purpose?

The ED Insider is a sharing platform where people facing the same issues can find a friendly, cosy and supportive environment. 

Here you can find similar stories  you can identify yourself with together with professional advice.

 Although eating disorders are a growing phenomenon the lack of coverage and knowledge surrounding this topic is worrying and many people are still reluctant to talk about their experience because they  are afraid of judgment or  social exclusion. 

I want people who visit this website to know that they are not alone and many of us are in the same situation and that what you are going through deserves validation and attention. 

Being diagnosed with an eating disorder can be scary but being 100% aware of the problem is the first step towards finding a solution; I hope this website will help normalise talking about EDs and encourage research on this topic.




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Asia Magagnin

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