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This website focuses its gaze on the delicate subject of Eating Disorders (EDs), a growing phenomenon which affects more than 70 million people in the world and which registers approximately 150.000 new cases per year.
The most common forms of eating disorders are: anorexia, bulimia and binge eating


  • It affects mainly people between 15 and 25 years old

  • 6% of people affected by anorexia die every year

  • 2,8% of the global population is affected by anorexia

  • One in four women suffers from anorexia while for men it's one in ten

  • Anorexia is considered to be the third most common chronic disease among young people

  • It usually affects people between 16 and 35 years old

  • 2% of people affected by bulimia die every year

  • Between 1,8-2,3% of the global population is affected by bulimia

  • 12 new cases of bulimia per 100.000 people are registered every year among women while for men it's only one case


Binge Eating

  • It usually affects people in early adulthood

  • It is estimated that 2,8 million people in the world have binge eating disorders

  • 2 out of 3 people with binge eating disorder are obese

  • 3.5% of people with BED are women and the 2% are men

Let's now investigate the World of Eating Disorders more in-depth. 

What is an eating disorder?

Why do EDs happen?



Interview with Giorgia
- Part 1

Together with Giorgia we try to understand which might be the reasons that led her to receive a diagnosis of binge eating.


Interview with Imma - Part 2

Together with Imma we tried to analyse the most common causes behind eating disorders


Interview with Imma - Part 1 

Imma, founder of How to satisfy Bulimia, give us a glimpse on what EDs are and what she has learned about them during her experience (Click on the picture or the button below to read the post). 

Shared Personal Experiences

Explore the slideshow to learn about three precious testimonies 


Martina is 26 years old and was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 18 after being in a toxic relationship.

Thanks to the support of her mother and a professional therapist, she managed to take her life back and she now wants to pass her message to the others.

Recovery and Support

martina foto.png


Interview with Martina
- Part 2

In the second part of the interview, Martina expands on her recovery process and the importance of seeking for help 



Interview with Imma
- Part 3

In the last section of the interview, Imma expands more in details about her How to Satisfy Bulimia, project which is meant to offer support to victims of Eating Disorders

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